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HOURLY CHARGE                                                                                    LOCAL       OUTSIDE

Main Hall                                                                                                         £9.00            £14.00

Classes in main hall flat rate                                                                £11.50            £11.50

Old Library Committee Room                                                             £2.00              £2.00


Stage per performance/session                                                      £10.00            £10.00

Full Stage Lights per performance/session                             £30.00               30.00

Partial Stage Lights per performance/session                      £15.00             £15.00

Sale of Alcohol Per 96 hour term                                                 £10.00              £10.00

COMMERCIAL HIRING.                                                                 £135.00  per day

Please note:

Hirers leaving LIGHTS ON or WINDOWS or DOORS OPEN will be liable to a surcharge of £5.00 minimum.

The Committee reserves the right to make a charge of £10.00 per hour for additional cleaning should the Hall be left in a dirty and/or untidy condition.

The Management Committee review these charges from time to time, price increases normally take effect from 1st. July following the Annual General Meeting and are payable for all bookings after the date of any increase.

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Please telephone 01435 872163 for confirmation of  availability before sending the form

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